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I am interested in California Narrow gauge.  The South Pacific Coast RR, and West Side Lumber were less than a hundred miles from us here in Los Banos.  We moved in to our new home in the middle of Oct, 2017.  The Back inclosed patio room has been clamed for the new Railroad work shop.  We started by adding a wooden floor to cover the cold ugly concrete.  Our intension is to create a "Train Room" for a place to work on the RR stuff away from the sawdust of the garage etc.  The  3D printing will also be out there  away from the garage sawdust. 

We are  making G Scale Buildings using my laser engraving machine and acrylic.  The acrylic does withstand the outdoors  better than wood.  We are using exterior paint and a final clear coat for further protection. I make most of the buildings in 1:24 and 1:20.3 scales. 


Train Room
Building the RR
Rich Johnson Garden Railroading & Lasers