I have always wanted to build the wooden geared clock, but .... years and time it just didn't happen until now. I have the plans and decided to go for it, but not with wood .... I used acrylic and my Laser to cut out the pieces. This is actually my second clock. The first one I used clear acrylic ... boring. So I made another one using colored materials this time and I even added a clock motor. After a couple months the motor failed and this thing has turned out to be a work in process.... I have created many other items from earrings to signs and more.
I am involved in Laser sculptures. The lasers used for these projects are different than the CO2 laser used in my engraver. The wooden triangles on the shelf above, is a starburst display on the wood turned cone in the middle of the sculpture. The cone can be repositioned to suit the viewer, with many possibilities. The Cube Sculpture has random laser patterns that display on the strings, and the white back area. It will also project patterns to the ceiling. There is one more sculpture I am involved with and it is a floor model called Spectral Sonnet. A photo of it is in the Laser Projects Gallery on this site.
 This is my Laser Maker space , and is half of my garage.  I have a computer work station setup so I can comunicate with the Laser engraver.  It has an air extraction system vented outside.  

The orange cabinet on the right is my laser.  The other half of the garage is used as the sawdust area. 

Laser Projects

Morn Laser Engraver

Computer Controlled

This machine has lots of room to make stuff.  I can move the head in all four directions on one level.  This is called X and Y axis.  If a project is bigger, like one of my woodturnings I can change the working height and lower the working surface table.  That is called Z axis.  X and Y are controlled automatically by my computer program, from the drawing.  The Z (project height) must be set manually before the projects begins.  That adjustment will focus the laser beam for the proper cutting.
To control this maching I use Corel Draw X8.  This is a graphic design program.  It is very powerfull and allows me options for my creations.  If I can get my idea developed on the screen I am almost there  for the laser. 

Let see if I can share an Idea .... 

I want to make a set of earings.  The first shape idea is tear drop about 1.5 inches tall.  The "SF Giants"  colors are Orange with Black.  I'll use 1/8th colored acrylic. 

I'll draw the shape using CorelDraw  and put SF in the middle and see what it will look like cut out.   After many tries I finally figured out how to inlay the letters using different colors.  This turned out to be quite a project.

The earings are just an example of the many craft items that are being made with this Laser Engraver. 
The working area for me is almost 24 inches by 36 inches.  I can lower the table more than 12 inches.  The laser focus distance is about 1 inch. 

I have cut or engraved different types of wood, and different thicknesses of acrylic.  This machine will engrave on Glass and some Metals.  I have engraved on some garden rocks and slate.

Check out some of my laser creations with the "Laser-projects" button.
​The biggest use of this machine is Cutting the acrylic for our Garden Railroad Buildings.

Laser - Projects