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My Laser studio

I have always wanted to build the wooden geared clock, but.... years and time it just didn't happen until 2017. I have the plans and decided to go for it, but not with wood .... I redrew the plans with CorelDraw X8 and used acrylic with my Laser Engraving machine to cut out the pieces. This is actually my second clock. The first one I used clear acrylic... boring. So I made another one using colored acrylic this time, and I even added a clock motor. After a couple months the motor failed and this thing has turned out to be a work in process.... and finally became an abandoned project.  Turns out acrylic is just not the right stuff to use.  But it was a fun project.  Use this button for more projects.
I am involved in Laser sculptures. The lasers used for these projects are different than the CO2 laser used in my Laser Engraver. The wooden triangles on the shelf above, is a laser starburst display on the wood turned cone in the middle of the sculpture. The cone can be repositioned to suit the viewer, with many possibilities. The Cube Sculpture has random laser patterns that display on the strings, and the white back area. It will also project patterns to the ceiling. There is one more sculpture I am involved with and it is a floor model called Spectral Sonnet. Follow the link below for more.
 This is my  main Laser Maker space, it is half of my garage.  I have a computer work station setup so I can communicate with this Laser engraver.  It has an air extraction system that is vented outside.  

The other half of the garage is used as the sawdust area for woodworking.  There  is a tablesaw, band saw and many other tools available.

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Rich Johnson Garden Railroading & Lasers