Rich Johnson Garden Railroading & Lasers

Laser projects

To control this maching I use Corel Draw X8.  This is a graphic design program.  It is very powerfull and allows me options for my creations.  First the idea or project must be created in CorelDraw then I can transfer it to the laser for cutting.   

Here is an example of a project I wanted to try ....... 

I want to make a set of earings.  A tear drop about 1.5 inches tall.  The "SF Giants"  colors are Orange with Black.   

I'll draw the shape using CorelDraw  and put SF in the middle and see what it will look like cut out.   After many tries I finally figured out how to inlay the letters using different colors.  This turned out to be quite a project.  I'll use 1/8th colored acrylic.​

Below on the left is the drawing I created in CorelDraw X8.    On the right is what was finally cut out.

Below in this gallery are a few project examples

  1. Click Image
    Click Image
  2. Day geared Clock
    Day geared Clock
  3. Wood Engraving
    Wood Engraving
  4. Engraving
  5. Signs
  6. Address on Wood
    Address on Wood
  7. A Rose
    A Rose
  8. Signs
  9. Kitchen sign
    Kitchen sign
Rich Johnson Garden Railroading & Lasers