Our new GardenRailroad

I have added a shelf on the fence around the yard to carry our trains.
I use Air Wire for control with batteries for the power.   Everything has been stored since 2014.  ​I was really surprized to find some of the batteries were still holding their charge.  Once the locos are removed from  from their boxes they come to this table for Lube, Oil and Charging.  I really do not want to handle the Locos so I place them on a board for transporting .  The Locos are then placed on a shelf in the garage until called to service.
I can plug in the track board and drive the loco away.  When it is time to put the loco's away I plug the track board back in and drive the loco on to it,  I can then return it to the garage.  With the two boards on the shelf, it indicaters to me, two loco are on the layout.  

East Side Inbound
East Side - Outbound
North Side
 West Side is a Station stop for Travelers.  Things have been put on hold here while  Moccasin Gap is being worked on.  I plan to connect to the tables in Moccasin Gap and continue down the fence to create Bullfrog Logging

West Side​

Moccasin Gap

This is the new home of the Moccasin Gap. We first put up a weather screen and then added some tables.  The following week it rained and everything was soaked.   I took the tables down and added a plywood wall all the way around, and re-built the tables.
​It rained again and again everything got wet. I hung tarps on the outside of the screen.  That seems to hold back the water but, now I have to deal with the wind.  There is good news to this, we can now work on the railroad! ... again.
Track planning is available once again.  My objective is to get a working yard with a functional turntable.  I think the tracks are located now and ready to be screwed in place.  The next challange is to get to the fence (west Side with a hand crafted trestle and a connection to Bull Frog Logging.
​With the help from Jeff the Turntable is installed and working.  For now it is operated manualy.  The gear box is made and waiting to be installed.  The track for this yard is instaled and tested​.  The rolling stock is out of storage, tested and placed on the track.  The Locos are being tested and brought out to the RR.  The shay is on the turntable and functioning within acceptable parameters.  It is battery controlled, has Air Wire Decoders with Pheonix Sound installed.

​It is so hot now (100+)  we can only get in a few hours out here at a time.

​ It is time to connect the yard to (the fence and the rest of the RR) West Side and Bull Frog Logging.  A temporary structure is made to support ​the track.  This is needed for me to figure out where track will fit.
  ​This is the base for the tressel and bridge.  Comming soon.  I chose Redwood Fencing for this project.  It is easy to work with and will withstand the elements. 
​The Connection is made now to the West side and to the future Bull Frog logging.  I did run a train all the way back to East side as a test ... all is well.

​I have Loco Electronics out for repairs, they were sent back in June .... waiting ....

Future location for the:
Bull Frog Logging Co.