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s750 Stubby Lathe

Manufactured in Australia by Omega Tool and Engineering.  The Stubby wood lathe is a world class machine with all the features  you require in one simple, reliable and rugged unit.  Heavy cast iron construction throughout ensures vibration free operation and added stability. Powerful 2 horsepower electronic  AC variable speed drive system provides smooth, dependable power in both high and low range even under heavy load. A soft start and  stop feature on the drive brings the lathe safely up to speed and to a stop.  Precision machining makes operating the lathe with its sliding/pivoting  bed system smooth and trouble free.

What sets Stubby lathes apart from all other lathes is the sliding/pivoting lathe bed system that allows multiple bed configurations to suit your needs. For turning large diameter bowls, the lathe bed can be rotated 90 degrees increasing the capacity from 16" to 30" diameter on the model 750. This also places the bed square to the work piece eliminating the need for extending the tool rest base far off the bed. Other positions are available that allow you to locate the bed to suit most any type of turning. Distance between centers can be varied from 14" to 32" by sliding the lathe bed away from the headstock and locking it securely in position with the lever operated bed clamp assembly.

The 14" auxiliary bed can be fastened to the front of the headstock for working the back of the piece. It can also be mounted at a right angle to the bed in several positions depending on your requirements. With the sliding/pivoting lathe bed system, you can achieve almost any working position imaginable. Each lathe includes two tool rest bases (banjos). The Stubby is a heavy duty lathe with excellent capacities and convenient features.

If you are interested is a New Stubby lathe get in touch with me by email, using You are welcome to give me a call at 408 254-8485. It would be great if you could come by and check out a Stubby 750 in person. Her performance will really surprise you. She would really enjoy the opportunity to "strut her stuff" for you. Wait 'till you see the vacuum capabilities. I have been involved with people getting more than 40 of these lathes over the years so, I'm sure I can help you with your questions. The Stubby lathe is very unique and will last a lifetime. I have a brochure available here as a pdf file.

Lathe Shipments

The lathes are shipped by truck on a 40" x 48" pallet freight prepaid. Shipments are usually a couple of times a year from Australia. A deposit will get your name on one of the next available machines. Please contact me for a freight quote and more information.

Test Drive


If you would like to test drive one of these lathes, arraignments can be made throughout the US. If you are any where near the SF Bay area come on down and give my Lathe a try out in San Jose California.

This lathe arrived black. I chose to powder coat it Red. To do that I had to take it completly apart. Did I mention completly. It has lasted more than 5 years with out much chipping or nicks. I hide any mishapes with red fingernail polish. You can not even tell. This is a fun and easy machine to work on and use.



Hope some of your concerns can be covered here.


I can answer most all of your questions.  If I can't, I will get the answer for you asap!





The first couple photos show how the lathe is shipped on its pallet.




Once the lathe is home we take it apart and clean it, I use Kerosene. 

This removes the cosmoline used for ocean shipments.




Once cleaned the lathe is assembled in its final location

This machine is heavy and some of its parts require two people to safely lift the pieces.




The final assembly takes about 30 minutes with two people.



We have complete documentation available on the Stubby USA web site. This will also include the wiring diagrams for the motor and the 220 vac 20 amp plug.



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