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Train Room


​Our new home has a enclosed room at the back of the house.  Our new Train Room!!

​The floor was cracked with very ugly cement.  I used the MDF from my previous shop to cover it .......

​BUT Ma (The conductor) wanted it painted !!!

Ma did good with the ​Grey paint, and SHE even put on two coats!

​Once the new floor was available to walk on a table for the Roundhouse and a turntable board was added. 

We made a comand decision; that the ground/floor was  to far away for us anymore.  The new track height is now "37 inches".

​Shelving from the old shop was put up.

We created a new home for the 3d printers.  The Makerbot Replicator is under the  cover and will be used for regular PLA and the new stronger PLA.  

The Prusa i3 MK3 will ship end of January 2018 and will add ABS to the mix for our creations.  (Delivered 6/1/18)

​We set up a small workbench with power and lights.

This will be used for the maintance of the trains.  

There is a computer set up with CorelDraw and the 3d softwares needed. 

​Sasha and Pixel like it out here also.

​The turntable is installed.  Tracks are down.  The locos are waiting to be serviced.

​The dust shutter stuck ... oops

​The Heilser on the work bench is getting it's airwire decorder installed again.
On the right is a better image of the working turntable.  

I am hoping to store the locos here out of the weather and heat.

​I will have access to the workbench for the real servicing the locos require after being run.

On the left, shows our future connection the  "Moccasin Gap" Railroad. 

​The plan is to open the glass door on the left to add a wall for the tunnel opening. 
​​This Track plan is the current as of  9/21/18.  I am using RR-Track v5 ( .    The space available in the back yard is 100' x 25'.    There are trees, a 10' x 10' shed, and a 4' x 15' covered thing... (Now centerville with building storage above in the roof eves).  Storage shelves for rolling stock have been added inside the shed for winter storage as needed.    

The RR track height is 37"above the ground.  I am using redwood and exterior plywood for the base to put the tracks on.  I still have one section to add for East Bay.

Everything is up and running now using batteries.  The switch machines are on a 12vdc 5 amp gel cell.

The Train Room is fully functional, with a workbench.  
Rich Johnson Garden Railroading & Lasers