Lathe - Art
​My Woodturning has taken a back burner.  I have downsizeds from my Stubby to a 12 inch Jet lathe.  All the big stuff is gone and I finally turn for fun.  Relocating to Los Banos gives me more time to be with my wife and time to work with the Laser stuff and our Garden Railroad.​​​
I have a couple Videos I would like to share with you.

The one left was taken in my San Jose Studio.  This video will show you the creation of a natural edged bowl.

The video below is an interview I had with the San Jose Mercury News.  About my woodturning artestry.
As you have seen and read I really enjoy that search. Through all those shavings some wonderful treasures have been discovered.  Click on the lathe-art button to see some of those discoveries.