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2018 Locations at the Moccasin Gap Garden Railroad

Adding Locations: 
Places created along the right of way on the Moccasin Gap Garden Railroad. 


The locomotives are located here.  We have a roundhouse and turntable available here as well as a few storage tracks for the Locomotives and equipment.  I also do the battery charging here.
I use AirWire and battries for all power. There is no track power.  I even use a battery to power all the switch Machines.  

San Jose 

This is the main yard location.  Trains are created and returned here.  The Locos are pulled and sent to the Shops to get ready for their next run.  Shops Is through the tunnel portal on the right of the photo below.  The left photo is the build photo.  The right photo was taken 9/8/18.  With the tempiture over 100 deg some days I have added umbrellas for our protection from the UV stuff.  You will get a real burn from the tracks if you are not carefull.  The umbrellas really help a lot.
The above left view is looking from Bullfrog logging over San Jose towards Newark and the Wee Hoose.  The right view is San Jose, with Bullfrog Logging at the end  and then to the right.

Bullfrog Logging

Located in the costal mountains, the Redwood and Douglas fir trees are harvested for the lumber and local building industries.  
A project for 2019 is to add the scenery and details to this area.  Lots of ideas to explore and try out.  Should I make the mountains using cement or geodesic(sp) foam?? TBD.  I have both available. I just need to wait for wormer days to try it out.

Los Gatos

A town along the right of way still in developement.

Harris Ranch​

The left image is going to Harris Ranch from Los Gatos.  The right image is going to Harris Ranch from Wrights.  The intension here is pick up farm animals from this mountain Co-op farming comuminity.


This was added in July 2018.

Also known as Wrights Station, although a small village, is an important shipping point, for the  extensive fruit growing farms as well as the ranches in the surrounding mountains. 
In the distance is Harris Ranch siding for all the local Ranches.  The siding  by the station is the shipping location for the fruit growers.

There is a few businesses here at Wrights mostly for the locals but travlers are also welcome.  There is a local eatery and mountain supply company that has most of the necessities and hardware for the mountain life.

This is also water stop for the Steam Locomotives. 


This is a cross over point for us.  If you go streight, it will take you on to East Bay, a 2019 summer project.  Another way is to branch off to Centerville.  Yet another way will take you to Newark.
This area is in need of emaginerring and developement.  For now it works and works well for our operations.  I will replace the buildings as needed as this site grows.  There are a couple of other places that have more priority.  This  is just going to have to wait it's turn. 

The latest ideas are relocation to the other side of the shed.  Reaching the back switch is an issue once in a while.


Centerville is the home of Carter brothers manifacturing and Leslie Salt.  There is also a interchange staging track here.  Above is building storage.


Splinters sawmill is located here and this is where the lumber from Bullfrog Logging is processed.  There is an iceing facility and a fuel depot.


This is our connection back to San Jose and the Shops.  A hinged bridge here makes pass through much easier.

Update: Dec 2018

Everything has been put away in the shed for the winter.  Wind, Rain, Leaves and cold keeps us away until maybe April.  I do have winter projects to work on in the train room.

Movin' on to 2019 2019


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