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 Update 10/2017:  ​Woodturning is a thing of the past for me.  Welcome to my Garden Railroading and Lasers​​​

Our Garden Railroading

The Lasers

I actually am involved with two types of lasers.  The first type is the "Laser Diode".  These are low power and the common use is with the laser "pointers".  ​​

We have found different ways to make displays using this type of laser.    

Using mirrors motors and different lasers we can create very interesting projects and  displays that are fun to work with and see. 

Follow the links to see what I have made and messed with using this type of laser starting with the Laser Studio link below.

The second type of the laser I have is a Co2 type.  This type is a high power system and can be very dangerous.  It requires a chiller to keep water running through the laser tube to keep the heat down. 

This laser is a "Morn" Laser engraver.  It has a 34" by 24" work area. This machine is used to cut, or engrave plastics and other non hard materials like glass or metal.  Our train buildings are cut from acrylic using this machine. 

I have engraved wood, slate, and leather. 

I also have cut wood and some leather.

This laser will engrave glass and some metals but I have not tried that yet.

My wife and I enjoy Garden Model Railroading.     For me it started with a Lionel set on my fifth Christmas (1950). Later it (1960) was HO scale. Many years and layouts later, a friend came by (2006) for a visit and introduced us  to "G" scale!   ...  I sold the forty year collection of HO trains and used the money to go bigger!  We put together a great RR in San Jose and operated for many years.  We had many open houses with the Bay area Garden Railroaders society.  ​

But, in 2014 we had to move.  Our new location is Los Banos Ca.  We rented for a while and created another RR empire, "The Moccasin Gap" RR.  But the opportunity arrived to purchase our own home in Los Banos, and we moved once again.  In 2017 I sold all the "Woodturning"  stuff when we moved. 

The "Moccasin Gap" will get another restart,  on this web site we share that creation and its progress. 

We have learned to make  scale buildings for the Garden Railroad using my laser and acrylic instead of wood. In this part of California they  seem to do better in the weather than wood. I build and my wife, QA's then paints them. 

We are members of the Bay area Garden Railroad society.  They have over 300 families sharing Garden Railroads  from north of Santa Rosa to Monterey.  They have open houses for us to visit from april to October. 

In 2019 we Joined the San Joaquin Valley Garden Railroad Society.  This group has over 30 members and they have open house meetings from April to December, with pot luck dinners.  This group has Railroads from Modesto to Tehachapi.

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